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There are lots of useful tips that we’d like to share in StartingAPub and we’ll be covering them in articles over the following months. For now, if you have any immediate questions, post them here.

There are countless things to consider when opening a pub and we’d like to cover them all one day.

With so many topics to discuss, there may be some areas that you’re interested to know more but we havn’t got round to writing about it yet.

If this is the case, you can post any questions below or request for us to write an article on any particular subject regarding starting a pub.

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Detailed Questions

Try to ask your questions in as much detail as possible and share about relevant information on your company/venture so that we can offer a meaningful answer.

2 thoughts on “Feel Free to Ask a Pub Startup Question”

  1. hi there,

    Think of a bar located in a small developing country, in the tropics, with lots of oil revenues and still growing.
    Local Upper middle class just starting and growing fast. Add around 3000 community of international / expats with very little options in terms of restaurants, bars and entertainment generally speaking.

    Perfect location, although not right in front of the sea (but you can still see it 100 meters away), 1-2 minute walk from government palace, ministries, parliament house, university, embassies… located in a new cultural center (new building)

    Here is my question and remember: You are talking to a bar rookie – unfortunately I have no previous experience in bar management:

    Even if I know what kind of concept and market I am aiming for, how can I estimate with reasonable accuracy an estimated sales volume in my business plan? Is that even possible? Should we just sit for a fews days at other bars and do some “intelligence” work or is there a more intelligent way of doing things?

    Lets say that we have an interior area with 40 seats (first floor), and an outside area (terrace on second floor) with another 50 seats.
    For drinks, we want to serve liquor, softdrinks, coffe, fruitjuices and cocktails.
    For food, light/ quick meals only – salads, toast, sandwichs, etc.

    Your thoughts will be most welcomed,

  2. What should a bar manager do if one of their bartenders are caught drinking alcohol while they’re on the job? Is it an acceptable excuse that a big spending customer asked her to join him for a drink?

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